Rich (Richardonay) Self Proclaimed Imagineer

  • What do you vape at work?

Moose Juice, PB Nom Noms, Slartibartfast

  • Do you Voop?

You’ve got to combat the smell somehow. I do it for you.

  • Walk me through a typical day, for you?

I show up, talk shit and leave, ensuring my coworkers imagine why I get paid.

  • If you were a piece of office equipment what would you be?

A punch clock, The Doctor would love to punch me. Glad he can’t, unsafe work practices and all.

  • How long have you been vaping?

Off and on for 6 years

  • What did you do before working here?

I was and still am a bartender at a local brewery.

  • What’s on your Ipod?

Freddie Gibbs and Something to Wrestle with… Bruce Prichard

  • Netflix or HBOGo?

HBO, Winter is Coming!!

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