Belsnickel Tobacco

A light Tobacco taste with a small hint of wood\chestnut flavoring. 

Belsnickel is German, Pennslvina ductch crotchety, fur-clad Christmas gift bringer figure .As in other depictions of Belsnickel, his face is blackened and weathered, and he dons clothes covered in fur. He approaches homes, knocks on doors, and asks arcane questions of the adults and the children. The riddles he poses challenge the wisdom of those he encounters. Correct or wise answers are met with rewards, and incorrect or poor answers are met with punishment from a switch. Those who answer the riddles incorrectly are given a chance to use physical prowess to meet a challenge. In this circumstance, the challenge typically consists of vying against others who answered incorrectly for a horse chestnut while Belsnickel whips the switch at the contestants' hands. Those who win a horse chestnut are cleared of their incorrect answer. The ones who did not win a chestnut must either perform a skill, such as singing a song, or complete some sort of chore. 



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