The Chef


About The Chef

    A little about me.  I have spent my entire professional career as a chef up until now.  For the past couple of years I have been mixing eJuice for myself and friends.  After being asked why I don’t sell my juice online for anyone to buy, I said “Why not?”  So, here I am.  I was convinced.  I make great eJuice.  I abandoned my old life as a chef and put all my time (with my SO’s support) into The Vapor Chef.  I have never been happier!
    I know a thing or two about flavors and balance.  I use this knowledge to help refine my recipes.  Each of my recipes has many revisions, when I’m happy with something it gets tweaked and tested until it is perfect,  then I test them on my friends.  After passing that test I send some samples out to random internet people.  This method helps me determine how different flavor palates react to the juice and allows me to make changes before offering them for sale.  I welcome any and all criticism or praise of my product as a good chef should.  So please, when you try our juices, let us know what you think!