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We're Coming to the UK!

We're Coming to the UK!

Hello, Vape Family!

We have a very exciting announcement to make.

In less than one week, four employees will be traveling to Birmingham in the UK for our first ever convention. Not only will we be traversing through a foreign country for the first time, but we will also be launching our products at The Vape Expo! The convention will be held at the National Expo Centre from Oct. 27-Oct. 29.

At this particular event, we will be launching five of our favorite flavors including :
Honey Pearry, Hobbes’ Blood, Doughnut Panic, Coolcumber Melon and Black PomPom.
While all the fine details of distribution are still in the process of being settled, we are very much looking forward to several meetings with distributors while we are over there. So stay tuned for updates pertaining to availability of our delicious e-liquids in the UK.

We are so excited to be attending an event of such notoriety while featuring our products overseas for the first time. We know we could not have succeeded if it weren’t for all for our customers and supporters here who helped make this dream a reality.

We will be posting updates throughout our trip, so be sure to check in with us on our Facebook page, follow us @thevaporchef on Instagram and join us in one of the biggest events in Vapor Chef history!

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Steeping 101, by vaporrater, a comprehensive guide.

We often talk about steeping here, yet it still comes up almost daily (usually in the comments section) with folks stating how much they disliked juice X when everyone else thinks it's To Die For.

The fact is, juice is a complex blend of different elements and quite often, it's not very good until those different flavors have a chance to meld into a singular, cohesive flavor profile...think about how much better a hearty stew tastes a day or two after it's been sitting in the fridge.

That being said, here is the process I use for steeping every juice I receive for review[1] (unless the vendor specifically requests that the juice be reviewed fresh from the mailbox).

  • Upon receipt, every bottle is opened, old air is squeezed out, new air enters.
  • The bottle then goes into the steeping drawer (cap on), in the order they were received so that I can better keep track of what's next for review.
  • Every day (sometimes every other day, as I do tend to get busy) the bottles are shaken, opened, and given another light squeeze to allow more fresh air into the bottle.
  • This process continues with every bottle until it is ready for review, usually 3-4 weeks.
  • I have also recently begun giving every bottle a single night, in the drawer, uncapped, just before review to help dissipate any of the volatile perfume-y/floral notes that some juices (pomegranate, blackberry to name a few) are burdened with.
  • If at that point, when I sit down with the juice to begin the review, it still doesn't taste right, I will occasionally attempt a hot water bath (sometimes even two) to see if there is any difference in date, this has had no effect on bottles that have already been properly steeped.

I know there are many other methods (i.e. hot rice), but this is my method, and it works. I am hopeful that it will help out a few people who can't understand why everyone goes crazy for something like Indigo's tobacco flavors, when all they taste is hot gasoline and burning tree bark.

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