The Truth About Vaping: Information Regarding Recent Vape News and Call to Action.

These past several weeks there has been news circulating regarding the dangers of vaping. Unfortunately we have found that these sources have failed to include the complete truth regarding the recent cases of lung illnesses that are typically the focus of these reports. We believe that it is absolutely crucial to let both our customers and the general public know that nicotine vape e-liquid from reputable companies have had no direct causal link to these illnesses. As many of you know, the victims of these health issues had consumed THC via illegal, black market cartridges. The additives used as filler for these illicit THC products is still under investigation, but it has been highlighted that Vitamin E Acetate is among the toxins found in these black market products. Vitamin E acetate is not VG (vegetable glycerin) soluble and would be easily detectable in any genuine nicotine vape e-liquid due to the nature of it's separation. Vaping/e-liquid companies would never, under any circumstances, add this to the product intended for inhalation of any kind. Unfortunately these facts have been buried under clickbait headlines and seemingly intentional misinformation. 

Separate from the lung disease issue, vaping has been continuously targeted and labeled a source for minors to purchase and take up the habit of nicotine intake. The Vapor Chef alongside countless other vape brands have vocalized their strong stance on keeping these products out of the hands of minors. Immediate efforts and protocols regarding the issue were implemented across vape shops everywhere, including online retailers. When caricatures became an issue for discussion, we were proud to show that our labels, while simple, were among the brands that did not depend on a variety of colors and characters to market our flavors. These preemptive efforts notably set The Vapor Chef and others apart from those who were not willing to bend to the pressures of deeming regulations and policy. While we never regarded our work as anything more than responsible, we also noted that our efforts had also been completely overlooked by those who continued to attack the vape community and industry as the gateway to youth nicotine addiction.

Unfortunately large corporations such as Juul did not find the same passion in proving their commitment to public health regarding many of these issues and did their best to distance themselves from small vape businesses in the states. Just recently it was announced that Kevin Burns, the CEO of Juul would be replaced by K.C. Crosthwaite, an executive at tobacco company Altria, which purchased 35% of Juul in December. Altria Group, Inc. (previously known as Philip Morris Companies, Inc.) is an American corporation and one of the world's largest producers and marketers of tobacco, cigarettes and related products including brands such as Marlboro. According to Nielson, Juul holds over 70% of nicotine vape related sales in the United States as of October 2018. This has proven incredibly problematic in that small businesses are continually associated with the increase in youth using products made and marketed by large manufacturers associated with the tobacco industry like Juul.

Due to the recent bans across multiple cities and states, we have witnessed the beginnings of what we believe to be a crucial detriment to public health and information as many of our local shops have already closed their doors and more are weighing their options in continuing business. In this, we allow large corporations to further engulf and monopolize the vape industry, leaving hundreds of small business owners and employees wading in uncertainty and investment loss.

We humbly ask that you continue to call and email your local and state representatives to let them know how vaping has affected your life for the better. Your stories have brought countless smiles and immeasurable commitment to our ideals. We hope that you will take the time to make your voice heard to those with the authority to distort and annihilate our beloved industry.
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