Merry Christmas!

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Tobacco Tuesday Flash Sale 20% off

We have three brand new tobacco flavors we are sure you will love. 
To celebrate, today only from 11 am-3 pm EST.  We are taking 20% off entire tobacco line. 
These flavors include, Apple Bourbon Tobacco, Beeblebrox, Deep Thought, Honey Nut Tobacco, Slartibartfast, Southern Hospitality, VC Tobacco #13, VC Tobacco #42, VC Menthol Tobacco #13, and VC Menthol Tobacco #42.  Plus our three new flavors Sherlock, Watson, and Moriarty.  
Use code "tobacco" at checkout for your discount! 
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Cyber Monday!

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Black Friday Weekend Sale! Saturday and Sunday only!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

We will be out of the office from 3pm  EST Wednesday 11-25 until 7am EST Friday 11-27.  Our online store is always open.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving! 
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What our customers are saying about us!


  • “Got my juice today and I love it! Will definitely be buying from you from now on!”

                                                                                                                       -Brooke from Utah

  • “Yall’s juice is beyond SUPERIOR. We have tried many many different companies juice’s and nothing compares.  Keep it up the good work!"                                                                                                                                                -William from Virginia

  • “Holy cow Miley pearus is very delicious you guys have outdone yourselves on this one.  Hats off."
                                                                                                                              -Luke from Nebraska
  • “Kerry’s is so d*** good I just want to bathe in it! (But I won’t...maybe)”

                                                                                                                        -Gregg from California


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Guidelines on FDA comments from CASAA
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Spinfuel Review!

We got two spinfuel choice awards on our first review!

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Recent happennings.

There has been some controversy lately about when and where vaping is accepted. Basically, in my eyes, if you are pissing someone off or are asked buy the business owner or manager, not to vape. Don't vape. Go outside.

Be respectful of others and don't make a scene if you are asked to not vape in a retail store or restaurant. Just wait until you get outside, if you can't wait for some reason, take a break from shopping and go outside then get back on with your day.

Vaping does not give you the right to "smoke anywhere" It is simply a way to reduce the harm of nicotine use. Please be kind to your fellow humans, we're all stuck on this little blue rock together.
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Is E-Cigarette Vapor Safe?

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