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 The reviews I'm getting are great!

I sat down with one of the juices form my initial order from Vapor Chef on Saturday, and I figured I would share my first impressions. The full review[1] is here for those interested.

As someone who does DIY, I've learned that mixing various layers of flavor can be a PITA, often resulting in more failure than success. So when I started vaping Coolcumber Melon, I admit I wasn’t sure how these flavors would play together.

With Coolcumber Melon, Vapor Chef has hit the balance mark, and managed to create a juice that is both flavorful and unique. Coolcumber Melon is honeydew, cucumber, and mint. The honeydew stands out on the inhale, offering a sweet note that hits the real flavor of the fruit exactly.

As you start tasting the honeydew, the sweetness is cut with the clean flavor of the cucumber, which develops better on the exhale. But what ties these two together is the mint. On the inhale, the mint makes the honeydew pop and gives your tongue a slight chill, and on the exhale the mint again offers a kiss of cold, but augments the cucumber ensuring that you taste it.

I’ve never had a juice like this. It’s sweet, and has a coolness that helps balance things out, but it isn’t overpowering. The cucumber plays well with the honeydew, and after you vape this for a while, each flavor profile can be clearly tasted – all while being touched by the mint.

Overall, it’s a great flavor. It’s not something I could see myself using as an ADV however. I vaped the entire 5ml bottle, and once I was done with it, I had to have something different. For me, it’d make a great once-in-a-while juice, something that I can use when my normal ADVs get boring.

I’d recommend it to anyone who is looking for something new, especially if you’re looking for a juice that falls outside the normal flavor spectrum.