A review from Maddoktor!

Hi, folks. =)

It's time for another review, this time of The Vapor Chef[1] E Liquids. The juices I'll be reviewing today are theCaramel Apple[2] , and the Frosty Apple[3] .

Ready? Here we go:


These are some of the higher-end priced juices available, with 5ml bottles for $3.99, 15ml bottles for $10.99, and 30ml bottles for $19.99.

Now, here's where it gets a little complicated:

The 5ml bottles are actually 6ml bottles, and you get the full 6ml even though it's listed as 5ml. Nice.

The 15ml bottles are just that. Also nice.

The 30ml bottles are indeed 30ml, but here's the kicker: you get an extra 6ml bottle of the same flavor along with the 30ml bottle, so it's listed as 36ml. Very nice.

*Note: the Chef's default mix is 50PG/50VG, and that's what I ordered. The strength was 24mg/ml.

Response and Shipping:

Both were just fantastic. Order confirmation was immediate, the juice was made fresh to order, and the order was shipped the following day (I placed the order in the evening, so that is of course to be expected).

The order was placed on Thursday the 24th in the evening. It was shipped via USPS 1st Class Parcel Post on Friday the 25th in the morning. The shipment arrived on Monday the 28th.

I live in Washington State, and The Vapor Chef is located in Pennsylvania. That's exceptionally fast shipping time for a cross-country 1st Class order, especially allowing for weekend travel - I honestly wasn't expecting it to arrive until Tuesday at the earliest, so I was very pleasantly surprised by, and pleased with, the fast service provided.


In preparation for testing the juices, I opened up and assembled a brand new Vision Eternity RBA. The Caramel Apple was tested in dripping mode, and the Frosty Apple was tested in tank mode using the eGo-T tank that's included with the Eternity. This is a very versatile rig, and I highly recommend it, but enough of that - this is a juice review, after all (But, check out the Vision Eternity - seriously - it's a fantastic multi-purpose device.).

The bottles were still cold from their cross-country Winter journey when they arrived, so I allowed them to warm up naturally until they reached room temperature before diving in.

First impressions:

Opening the Package:

The order was very carefully packed. The 5.5"x5.5" shipping box was packed tightly with bio-degradable packing "peanuts". Each bottle was in its own sealed Zip-Lock bag, and the bag was wrapped generously with bubble wrap.

Side Note:

Ooh! The 36ml of the Caramel Apple is in a fuzzy drawstring bag! There was a free fuzzy drawstring bag included! A 3.5"x4.5" fuzzy drawstring bag, no less! I love fuzzy drawstring bags! I mean, who doesn't love fuzzy drawstring bags, right? Endless uses...

(Rumor has it that there might be a free Toy Soldier included in some future orders. I hope he's packed in the fuzzy drawstring bag to keep him warm.)

Right, then - where was I... ah, yes...

The Bottles:

The 15ml and 30ml bottles are clear glass with glass dropper caps (these are the good quality droppers - fat, with a nice taper at the end, not the cheapo skinny ones), and the 6ml bottles are the standard plastic ones. None of them are child-proof, so taking appropriate precautions is strongly recommended if you have pets and/or small children. The dropper caps are tightly shrink-wrap sealed onto the glass bottles with good quality thick and stiff shrink-wrap, but the glass bodies of the bottles themselves are exposed.

First hit[s]:

Caramel Apple:

Holy Mother of... oh, wow. Just... wow.

I have never in all the years I've been vaping ever tasted a juice with flavor this accurate! Not once. Not ever. It tastes exactly like the Red Candy Apples that you can get at the store during Halloween season, at the Circus, or at the Carnival (no sprinkled nuts, though). I used to be a Carny in my younger days, and I was instantly transported by that first taste back 40 years down Memory Lane - ah, good times... I don't normally say this about juices - I usually say that they're good, or tasty, but, This. Was. Delicious! Again, wow.

However, I would personally call it Candy Apple instead of Caramel Apple, because that's exactly what it tastes like to me - in my experience, caramel flavoring tends to really stand out in a mix and at times (actually, more often than not) can even overpower the intended flavor, and that's just not happening at all with this delightful concoction. The flavoring balance is perfect.

Frosty Apple:

This is a very interesting flavor. Chef Aras uses Koolada to give it a nice "cool bite". It's a cool, refreshing hit like Menthol, but without the stinging Mentholy taste. It actually enhances the sweet appley goodness, giving it a "crisp out of the icebox" impression. This is another amazingly accurate flavor - it was like biting into a cold, sweet, fresh apple. Again, I have to call this one delicious as well.


The vapor production is just what one would expect from a 50/50 mix. The Throat Hit is decidedly not. It is exceptionally strong for a 50/50 mix. But, like I said above, I vape 24mg juice, so that factor needs to be taken into consideration as well. As always, YMMV.

These juices are worth every penny paid for them, and then some. If the Chef was asking $25/30ml, I'd pay it in a heartbeat for this level of quality. These are most definitely "Shake'n'Vape" juices - they're just wonderful fresh, and will probably only get better with steeping, but I somehow doubt that they'll have a chance to do that before they're all used up and re-ordered, because they're just so delicious.

ProTip: Blend the Frosty Apple with some of the Caramel Apple for an instant icy Candy Apple mouthgasm. 'nuff said.

Bottom Line:

I cannot recommend The Vapor Chef[4] enough. Chef Aras is a professional Chef. He has tapped into his years of experience, and applied them to his mixing. The flavors he creates are incredibly accurate, and outstandingly delicious. This is extremely high quality juice that I am confident you will enjoy to the last drop.

Cheers, and Happy Vaping, everyone! =D