Another review!

 This one is from Princessvapeypoo:

Next in my mailbox was a package from The Vapor Chef, a new online juice vendor with a snazzy looking website and an interesting background in culinary arts. I placed my order late last week (Friday or Saturday, I think), and received it the next Wednesday, including government holiday delays. The juices I ordered were: PB NomnomsUnicorn Poop, and Frosty Blue JazzberryHoney Pearry came as an additional sample!


PB Nomnoms was the one full-sized juice I bought this time. I don’t think I was expecting this, but it came in a nice, solid, glass bottle with eyedrop dripper.

Off the bat, I’m sure this one is going to need more steeping. But the first thing you get opening the bottle is the smell of real peanuts, more than the sugar of the cookie. On vaping, however, the other bakery/cookie flavors really come through. This is my first peanutbutter/peanut vape, and my first in my search for a great peanutbutter cookie vape. It’s good right out of the box, but I really can’t wait to try it again in a week.

Unicorn Poop - This one sells on the name alone, of course. My first impression? Sweet sweetness. It’s a cupcake/cookie vape, and it does as advertised. Sort of a light-berry-flavored sugary treat on the bakery-end of things. I dig it, but I’m not over-the-moon in love enough to buy more. Still, if you’re looking for a cupcakey frosting-ness vape, Unicorn Poop is a solid bet. Again, I suspect in a week it’ll be even better. And I suspect I’m really going to like it more in a Vivi Nova.

Frosty Blue Jazzberry - Not a favorite. Description says, “blue raspberry ice.” To be fair, I think I interpreted that as a slushy sort of flavor, for some stupid reason. What I got was kind of a weird berry flavor with a cool note. Well, that might actually be what it’s supposed to be. Maybe it’s just that I’m not much on raspberry flavors and was expecting something more on a sweet blueberry end. I know, I know – RTFM. It does taste like raspberry. And coolness. So while I personally don’t care for it, it still holds as a decent flavor because it is what it claims to be. Maybe it’ll grow on me – it’s not unvapeable by any means.

Honey Pearry – Apparently this is a local favorite for this vendor. I was really glad they threw it in as a freebie, because I’d wished I’d bought it to try out, anyway.

On first vape, I’m barely getting any strawberry. It’s very, very heavy on the honeydew, but I can definitely make out the pear. After a few longer vapes, though, I can just make out a hint of strawberry. I’m honestly not sure how I feel about this juice, as I’m not crazy about melons as a food, and this really, really tastes like a honeydew. Again, it is a juice that tastes as described, and I can’t fault that, even if my own tastebuds don’t jump up and down in glee. Maybe the strawberry will rise up a bit after steeping.

Kind of like the Frosty Blue Jazzberry, though, the more I vape it, the more I’m starting to dig it.


So there it is. First impressions of FuZion Vapor and The Vapor Chef. I’m using a standard Joye 510 bridgeless atty, around 2.2ohms resistance. I was using my twist at first, but switched to my Vamo, right around 9Watts. All juices were 6mg nicotine, 50/50 VG/PG. All juices were juices I personally purchased, with the exception of the Honey Pearry freebie from Vapor Chef. Vape hard, vape strong!